Custom Attache - DTM
Custom Attache - DTM

Custom Attache - DTM


Custom attache bag with special fabric lining. This bag is made of our very special hand-aged leather. Each piece is worked through several processes to give it that perfectly aged look and feel.

The lining is made from a special stash of vintage deck chair material that we've been saving for that 'perfect project'. Left over-sized, the classic fabric unravels and creates a bo-ho, unrefined fringe on the joined corners of the case.

The custom divider is made of parachute material and extremely soft elk leather. One tall pocket on the right, and a shallow pocket on the left, with a row of pen/pencil holders in between.

Hidden rare-earth magnets keep the internal pockets closed, and make for easy access.

Looking for a bespoke attache of your own? Drop us an email and we'll take care of you.


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